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Ideas for reward chart treats

Try to avoid big presents as rewards – think of completing a chart as a day to celebrate and try to pick something that has a celebration feel if you can. Don’t keep it a secret – knowing what reward is coming will help keep your child motivated.

A reward that involves others is great idea – this might be family, or it could be siblings and friends. That said, if a small present just for your child feels like the right way to go then that’s fine.

Here are just a few ideas of things you could choose

A special day out

  • A family picnic
  • A trip to a museum or visitor centre
  • A trip to the swimming pool
  • A day out at a wildlife or nature park
  • A day on a boat
  • Go to a sporting event
  • A trip on a train
  • A ball park play session

A special day in

  • A family dressing up day
  • A childrens films/shows on telly day
  • A we’ll make a den/camp day
  • A family jammies day
  • A king/queen for a day
  • A take me to school in a wheelbarrow day
  • A board games marathon day

Fun with friends

  • A celebration sleep over
  • A pyjama party
  • A teddy bears picnic
  • A dressing up party
  • A build a den day

Make or decorate something together

  • Make a mobile
  • Make a special toybox/dressing up box
  • Make your family tree (collect photos beforehand)
  • Fabric painting – customise a duvet cover, t-shirts
  • Paint a piece of furniture or decorate part of your child’s bedroom
  • A customised t-shirt (you can design and order these on-line)

A special treat to eat

  • Make a special cake – with a favourite colour, flavour or theme
  • A themed tea party
  • Choose whatever you want at the butchers, fishmongers, bakers etc
  • A chocolate day!
  • An ice cream day!