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Designing your own reward chart

We’re all for people designing their own charts – here are a few tips if you’re interested in making your own one:

  1. Plan to make it portable – this is so you can take your chart and show it to friends and family as stickers get collected.
  2. Leave space for enough star stickers – child psychologists have advised us that we should be aiming to encourage children to collect starts over roughly a three week period in order that there’s a genuine change in behaviour. So aim for a minimum of 21 stars to collect.
  3. Try to produce a theme as your creative style – this gives something for children to study and explain to adults (pointing out hidden details and their favourite things).
  4. Try a collage/montage of images – you can scan photos and illustrations – then just print them, cut them out and glue them on to a backing paper.
  5. Work as a team – if possible get your child and the rest of your family to get involved in the creative process!

Good luck – we’d love to see what you produce so please send us a photo of the finished masterpiece!