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Reward charts for primary schools

Teachers can use charts with individual children or as a tool to focus the whole class.

A chart is a great way for a particular child’s parents/guardians and teacher to join forces and focus on an educational topic or a behavioural issue – it’s a positive way of encouraging behavioural change and provides a platform to discuss progress both at home and at school.

They can also be used across a classroom to focus on a study topic or major project – stars can be awarded at school or at home depending on the teacher’s wishes – and with stars being awarded daily a typical chart chart would be completed in an average of around three weeks. Importantly, the awarding of stars can be based on an individual child’s achievements so there is room for the entire class to achieve success.

Schools can purchase charts for as little as ¬£2 each (when buying a minimium of 30 charts) but they can also be purchased by parents with a share of the profits being donated to the school’s PTA – to find out more about our PTA support scheme please click here.